Buccotherm Toothpast decay prevention 75ML, MINT TASTE

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Buccotherm Toothpast decay prevention 75ML, MINT TASTE

BUCCOTHERM® Tooth Decay is the daily adult toothpaste. Cleans and remineralizes teeth for a fresh breath all day long.


BUCCOTHERM® Tooth Decay :

  • Helps to fight dental plaque and favors tooth decay  (1450 ppm)
  • Favors tooth remineralization
  • Protects tooth and mucous membrane from acid attacks
  • Brings a lasting fresh breath


In brushing, at least twice a day

  • Follow the brushing with a spray of our BUCCOTHERM Dental spray
  • This product will suit adults looking for a daily complete oral care


  • Thermal water
  • Fluoride (1450ppm)
  • Fresh mint

Paraben free, alcohol-free, sodium lauryl sulfate free, saccharine-free, without synthetic coloring or flavor.:

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